Computer Vision Engineer

What will you do

You will be shaping the future of Lensor! Lensor is a top-notch AI start-up, where a team of 10 young and bright people is working on automating vehicle inspections. As a Computer vision engineer, you will be working on the development of state-of-the-art computer vision models. As large volumes of images flow each day, you will analyze the data to optimize the processes and aim for the highest possible damage detection rate. Each day will bring new challenges to the table. Today you might work on optimizing the camera’s and images and tomorrow use deep learning with large cloud computing clusters. While always working closely together with the rest of the team, and with our customers!

Your Responsibilities

You will continuously improve and extend the existing solution by bringing new ideas to the table, while keeping the customer focus in mind. The small team and innovative nature of the project enables you to work on a diverse set of challenges. As a computer vision engineer, you will be responsible for:

  • Development of the next generation damage inspection system using computer vision and machine learning.
  • Training, fine-tuning and evaluation of various computer vision models.
  • Identify issues and squeeze out maximum performance through data analysis and hyper-parameter tuning of machine learning models or develop alternative solutions.
  • Work closely together with hardware specialists and software engineers to design and develop the next generation of Lensor inspection system.
  • Participate in R&D discussions, identify requirements and priorities.
  • Design quick proof of concepts, evaluate and turning ideas into production ready solutions.
  • Creating new ideas and improvements to extend or improve the automatic vehicle inspection.

We are looking for

Lensor is looking for an ambitious and enthusiastic colleague with an innovation mindset. Ideally, you have:
  • Preferably a Bachelor of Science (and master) in a relevant field such as Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, or Business Analytics.
  • A strong analytical mindset with problem solving skills.
  • Experience with convolutional networks and familiarity with object detection models like YOLO.
  • Experience with instance and/or semantic segmentation models.
  • Experience with Python and some understanding of computer vision related algorithms.
  • Proven track record of shipping high quality python code which could include personal projects on github.
  • Familiarity with handling Image data using libraries like opencv, pillow etc..
  • Experienced in PyTorch, or a similar framework such as TensorFlow, or Keras.
  • Knowledge of ML training frameworks and deploying ML models is a plus.
  • A confident communicator with written and verbal communication skills (English and/or Dutch).
  • Experience with AWS (or other cloud platforms) is a plus.

What we offer

Besides the fabulous, fun, flexible and dedicated team you will be joining, you will enter a challenging environment where you can excel. We offer:

  • The ability to bring your ideas to the table and transform them into real-world applications.
  • A competitive salary based on experience/knowledge.
  • Mobile phone (iPhone) and laptop (Macbook).
  • Personnel discount on Pon’s products and services with a maximum of €500 per year. (Lensor is part of Pon, one of the largest family-owned companies in the Netherlands.)
  • Plenty of room for personal development and education.
  • Ability to work remote for 1 or 2 days.
  • The option to join Pon Fit activities like boot camps, cycling tours, and running events.

About us

Lensor is an AI start-up, focusing on automating vehicle inspections. After two years of active development, we are ready to implement and install this solution in our customer base. We are a young team with the perfect balance of working hard and having fun. We are looking for talented people to join us. Are you creative and do you like a challenge? Then we want you to be part of our success! Currently, we are located in Leusden. As part of our growth, we are looking to move to either Utrecht or Amsterdam.

How to apply

Are you as enthusiastic as we are about Lensor? Then we are looking forward to meeting you! Upload your motivation and CV.